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CRISPY FRIED CHICKENBy ThillaismasalaWith Thillais Crispy chicken you can cook up a crispy feast at home in a few minutes. One single batter mix can be split to make a wet and dry mix into which you dip your chicken and fry. Yes, it’s that simple!
MUTTON SALNABy ThillaismasalaSalna is the modified version of the Mirchi Ka Salam from Mughlai cuisine. This was modified by the muslim community that settled down in Tamilnadu and made this mildly spiced gravy a staple at restaurants in south Tamilnadu. The Salna tastes best when made with mutton.
CHICKEN 65By ThillaismasalaThe chicken dish is prepared with a 65 day old chick to give it the right texture and taste. The chicken 65 is a very popular dish across non-vegetarian. Vegetarian restaurants now offer paneer 65, gobi 65 and mushroom 65’s.