Marina Fish Fry

The story behind the famous Marina Fish roast

You haven’t been to Tamilnadu if you haven’t been to Chennai You haven’t been to Chennai if you haven’t been to Marina

The Marina Fish Roast is hands down the best Fish Roast Recipe you can ever get your hand on, a gift to the world from the Chennai beach.

The specialty of the recipe lies in the secrete masala, you start enjoying the fish before it’s even on your plate. The waft of aroma and the sound of crackle while you fry it is a treat to all your sense

The recipe might be simple but the flavors it throws on
your taste buds are rich

So, why is it so important to know about the beach before the recipe?
because this is where it all started.

About Madras Marina Beach

  • Madras was the shortened name of the fishing
    village Madraspatnam, Its history dates back
    several centuries and even the British made
    it their headquarters due to the strategic
    position and of course for the beautiful
    coastline of marina
  • Marina is considered the second largest beach
    in the world, if there is a beach then there has
    to be food right? On any given evening you can
    see a string of cart shops serving a variety of
    delicious seafood especially “Fish”.

The Story behind the Dish

Marina is famous for its catch of fish; the fishermen bring in a fresh lot every morning. The womenfolk of the fishing community post their daily chores set up shack kitchens or cart shops across the coastline doing their bit to make ends meet for the families

Essentially this legendary fish Roast recipe originated in the fisherwoman’s kitchen moved to the Marina and from there to the world

Marina Fish roast is a spicy, crispy and juicy dish though a meal by itself it goes well with a spicy gravy and white rice. The combination is so good that you will start drooling the minute you see it served

If you need to understand how it tastes, it can only be explained
in typical madras basha

“The perfect Masalafied fish fry ever”

About the cuisine

This region is located on the coromandel coast of the Bay of Bengal, so fish in the cuisine is obvious.
Vanjaram (seer fish), Sankara (red snapper), Mathi (sardine), Nethili (anchovy), shrimp, crab, and
squid are famous here.

The recipe


  • First, clean the fish and make slits on it, so that marinade can penetrate well.
  • Now take a bowl to add Chilli powder, tamarind paste, lime juice, salt and mix well. If water is
    required, then add little.
  • The marinade should not be very thick or thin, it should be in proper consistency so that it is easy to
  • If you wish, add some flour for a more crispy texture
  • Turn on the flame and place a pan over it. Then add a few tbsp of oil.
  • When oil gets heated, place the fish gently and swap the fish regularly to avoid burn.
  • It will take 12 to 15 mins to fry, depending upon the fish size.
  • Finally, drizzle lemon juice, garnish with few coriander leaves and serve hot.

You can go to marina beach on any given evening and taste this flavorful dish in one of the cart shops or if you wish to make them at home you can pick up Thillai Marina Roast Fish Masala right of the shelf and just add to any fish of your choice and get the same experience.The Thillais Marina Fish Roast Masala is direct from the kitchen’s of the marina fisher folks, our master chefs perfected the recipe and packed in hygienic packs for a great tasting meal at home

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