Virudhunagar Salna

Virudhunagar Salna

The story behind the world celebrated Virudhunagar Salna

Salna is as best described as a Parotta’s best friend. You will find this dish at every roadside stall in Tamil Nadu, and it’s a dish that captures the essence of Tamil spice that we all love

Virudhunagar ‘s land includes a lot of black and red soils, and these are instrumental in the region’s ability to grow spices and Chillies.

Which is why the Salna from Virudhunagar is unmatched in it’s the ability to engulf one’s tongue ina blast of flavors.

PS- it tastes best when the parotta is completely soaked in

About Virudhunagar

  • According to a local legend, a warrior who won a number of banners (called virudhu in Tamil) from his conquest of kingdoms, came to the town and challenged the residents. A resident accepted the challenge, killed the warrior, and then proceeded to seize the flags held by him. From then on, the town was known as Virudhukkalvetti.
  • The town’s name was changed to Virudhupatti in 1875 and on 6 April 1923, the town council
    renamed it Virudhunagar.

  • Virudhunagar is a marketing and service town for
    the surrounding areas. It also one of the important
    Industrial district followed by Coimbatore and
    Salem. Many kinds of spices and edible oils are
    manufactured for national and International Markets.
  • It is located 53 km south of Madurai. During the British rule Virudhunagar emerged as an important trade center.

The Story behind the Dish

The Salna of Virudhunagar is an improvised version of the Salan which is popular in Mughlai cuisine and usually served along with Mughlai Biryani. During the old days when Virudhunagar was the hotspot for trade and eventually the Salna was made. The salna’s unique flavor and taste comes from constant experimenting, and eventually, they cracked the code and made the perfect companion for the famed Virudhunagar Crispy Parottas.

About the cuisine

The region is known for its beautiful yields of chillies, cardamom, and spices. These ingredients are very
evident in the food of the region and are all key ingredients of Salna too!



The Ingredients

Among all their Virudhunagar dishes, the Virudhunagar Salna is easily the most famous dish and was made from experimenting with flavors that were available around them. In the end, these were the 12 ingredients that made the final appetizing recipe


1. Heat the Oil in a pan

2. Do the tempering with fennel seeds, cloves, bay leaf, and star aniseed

3. Add the chopped Onion and Green Chili, Mint leaves, and curry leaves along with a pinch of salt

4. Saute it well

5. Add in the ginger-garlic paste and fry it until the raw smell disappears

6. Add all the spices given in the list and give it a good mix

7. Add around 2 cups of water and cook it for 5 minutes

8. After sometimes, add the coconut paste and boil till the raw smell goes off

9. Finally, sprinkle the chopped coriander leaves and put off the flame

10. Parotta is the best combination for this tasty Virudhunagar Salna.

But you don’t need to go all the way to Viridhunagar to find those perfect ingredients to get that authentic taste. We at Thillai’s Masala have sourced the ingredients from the Viridhunagar province mixed them up in the right proportions with the help of local legendary masters to get that genuine Tamil Nadu taste. After that, it is packed in quality and hygienic methods for your consumption

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