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CHETTINAD CHICKEN MASALABy ThillaismasalaChettinad chicken is one of the most flavorful chicken dishes from south Indian cuisine but it may take some course of time to prepare. Our wildly popular THILLAI’S CHETTINAD CHICKEN Masala pack makes it even easier to serve up a quick chicken meal.
SOYA CHUNKS GRAVYBy ThillaismasalaSoya chunks can be used to prepare a quick curry and be a vegan protein source.
MADRAS SPECIAL BABY ONION (SHALLOTS) SAMBARBy ThillaismasalaSambar is a very popular yet simple south Indian stew. There are many varieties which differ from the choice of lentils used to choice of vegetables used. The recipe for traditional Madras sambar using Thillai’s Sambar masala is given below:
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